• Q. Is boneless chicken made with domestic chicken?

    A. Yes. The boneless chicken is also made with domestic chicken.

  • Q. How much does the delivery charge?

    A. The delivery charge is 5,000won regardless of order quantity. Additional tax is included due to charge of subsidiary materials such as a cool reserving bag and ice packs and a nitrogen package to maintain product freshness.

  • Q. How to keep the product?

    A. Keep it refrigerated and if you want to eat warm, heat it in the microwave for 1 minute.

  • Q. Which part of chicken is used?

    A. Only domestic raw chicken breast and drumstick are used.

  • Q. When is the delivering product cooked?

    A. We are delivering the product to be delivered the day after it is made. In case of delay due to situation of delivery company, it would be delivered within 2~3 days.

  • Q. When do I have to eat?

    A. It is the best timing to eat the sweet and sour chicken when it loses steam. You could eat the product as soon as you receive it, or heat it slightly in the microwave when you want to eat warm.

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